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Literacy  At Avondale Community College we have a dedicated team that focuses on improving Literacy across all subjects. This team is led by
Instructional Leadership The IL programme led by Professor Barrie Bennett, aims to positively impact student learning and increase student achievement
Magenta Principles The Magenta Principles is an umbrella phrase that refers to a philosophy expounded by Mike Hughes, and an approach to teaching based
Aug 28
First Year Induction (First Years Only)
Aug 29
Third & Sixth Year students only (First Years remain at home)
Aug 30
First Year Induction Day 2 Sixth & Third Year students have timetabled classes. Second Year students return.
Aug 31
First Year Induction Day 3 Sixth & Third Year students timetabled classes Fifth Year students return Second Year students remain at home.
Rathdrum, Co.Wicklow.
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