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BT Young Scientist

Avondale Community College had six projects through to the BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2016

Four projects were prize-winners.

Mary Kate Condren Fifth Year

An Investigation into the Effects Weather has on Cereal Crop Yields in Ireland over a Ten Year Period

Category: Senior Individual Biological Science

Award: Second Place

The aim of this longitudinal research project in conjunction with An Teagsac and Met Éireann, was to investigate if a correlation exists between increasing spring barley yields and the associated weather the crop has been exposed to. Fifth Year student, Mary Kate Condren investigated how the average monthly temperature, rainfall and number of sunshine hours the crop is exposed to, affects the yield produced over a ten year period. Her results indicate that the number of sunshine hours in the year has little or no effect on spring barley yields. However as the amount of rainfall decreases in a year, spring barley yields tend to increase and as yearly temperatures increase, so too do spring barley yields. Looking at the individual months of the year, April was the month wherein increasing temperatures most affected spring barley yields and July was the month wherein decreasing levels of rainfall affected spring barley yields the most.

2nd place awarded to Seán Byrne


An Investigation into Worker Exposure to Harmful Chemicals Seán Byrne Third Year

Category: Intermediate Individual Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Science

Award: Second Place

Sean’s project investigated Worker Exposure Limits for harmful chemicals used to manufacture nail polishes. It compares worker protections used in nail salons, with other industries using these chemicals, such as furniture manufacturing and car body repairs.
Chemicals such as isocyanates, formaldehydes and toluene are banned within the EU, but due to imports from Asian countries certain industries and workers within these can be exposed to these harmful chemicals. Seán investigated the levels of these chemicals in some motor factors and beauty salons.

Highly commended to David and Conor

Tick Tack Tuberculosis David Fleming and Conor Windsor Fifth Year

Category: Senior Group Biological

Award: Highly Commended

An analysis of how worm concentration has a direct effect on the badger concentration which in turn affects the TB rates.
Fertilisers which are added to land to increase crop yield also increase the worm concentration in the area. This increase in worm concentration leads to an increase in badger population which feed on the worms. The Fifth Year students set out to find a non- invasive way to reduce the badger population in an area. The boys formulated an additive for fertiliser which will reduce the number of worms without having any negative impact on the soil.

Highly commended to Sophie and Laura


Lamb Alert! Laura Curry and Sophie Windsor First Year

Category Junior Group Biological

Award: Highly Commended

This project was designed to ensure the safety of young lambs against predators. The safety of lambs on the farm is a constant worry for farmers. First Year students, Laura Curry and Sophie Windsor designed a safety device to increase the safety of lambs against predators such as foxes. The device is in the form of a pen where the lambs will be kept safe and secure. The prototype has a number of sensors to detect predators as they approach their prey. The farmer is alerted by text message when the predator triggers off a motion sensor which is connected to a light sensor, video recorder and a pest repellent. Each sensor is designed to deter the predator, giving the farmer enough time to help his sheep before it is too late.

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