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Student Support: HCSL

Elizabeth Tobin Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator (H.S.C.L. Co-ordinator)


The role of HSCL:

The aim of the Home School Community Liaison Scheme is to promote partnership and cooperation between home, school and the community to make sure that every child participates fully in the school system. The H.S.C.L. scheme recognises parents as the primary educators of their children.

In my role as Liaison Co-ordinator, I am employed in Avondale Community College to support you the parent / guardian in assisting you in your role as parents and educators. The way in which I can offer you support is by informing you of educational and financial supports that are in place in the school. Some of the supports in place for the students include:

  • A breakfast club
  • a subsidised lunch scheme
  • a lower payment towards the book rental scheme
  • information on additional top up grants for students progressing to further study,
  • information on eligibility towards the HEAR Scheme (Higher Education Access Route).

Supports in place for parents include:

  • Direct access to the H.S.C.L.O.
  • attend talks and courses for parents which will be held in the school.

All talks and classes focused on the parents and guardians, are based on the requests and needs of parents. (Note: The talks and courses are free of charge).

I am directly available to you in person every Thursday afternoon by appointment in my office.  You can contact me on my direct line @ 0404-29072.

The H.S.C.L. scheme is there for the benefit of you and your child / children. I welcome your ideas, opinions and requests, so please feel free to contact me.


ELizabeth Tobin

H.S.C.L.Co-ordinator Avondale Community College.