French Exchange to Marseilles

Monday 30 September
We said bon voyage early this morning to our senior students and their teachers participating in a French exchange programme with a school in Marseille. Plans are in place for their week’s action packed activities in school and with their host families.
Wednesday 2 October
Report from our students in Marseilles....
As we continue to explore the maritime city of Marseille, we all gathered at Le Vieux Port. Marseille was the European City of Culture in 2013. Then we headed to Le Mucem for a guided tour of the Museum of European and Mediterransan Civilisations.
Later we met up with our French students for a picnic.
Friday 3 October
Our French students are continuing to enjoy the sites of Marseille. Today they began their day by attending classes in Thiers, followed by a soap making workshop in the Savonnerie la Licorne. The day ended with ice cream by the sea as they celebrated their great Junior Cert results.