For the past two years Avondale Community College has been involved in a Comenius Partnership Project with four other schools across Europe. The concept of Comenius is that students get the opportunity to travel to other European countries and spend a week experiencing everything that both student and family life has to offer.

As part of our Project entitled 'The Importance of Local Culture, Festivals and Festive Events on European Tourism', we were delighted to welcome 26 students and 11 teachers from Austria, Italy, Norway and Spain to our school for the week 7th-14th March.

As our students had already travelled to Austria, Italy and Spain we were aware that a very engaging and enjoyable programme of events would need to be in place for our visitors. With this in mind, students enjoyed walks to Avondale House and Glendalough. We spent a day in Dublin, with visits to Collins Barracks, the Croke Park Museum and Trinity College. The highlight of the week was a Ceili Night held in the school for which each host family prepared a dish with their visiting student. The students also got to show off the dances that they had learned during the week to the assembled guests.

By the time Saturday had arrived, it was a very forlorn group of students who travelled to Dublin airport to bid farewell to our visitors. Over the course of the week, strong friendships had developed and students and teachers alike will stay in touch with each other for years to come. Our Comenius week was a huge success and our final group of students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Norway.


  • Visit to Austria

    Visit to Austria

  • Visit to Gran Canaria

    Visit to Gran Canaria

  • Visit to Italy

    Visit to Italy